The Helicopters unique ability to take off and land nearly anywhere makes the helicopter the perfect aircraft to move people and cargo into locations that other aircraft can’t reach.  While this is among the helicopter’s greatest characteristic, it also can create additional risk not found with airplanes.

AvQuest Insurance Service has been providing helicopter insurance for many decades. Our clients range from the individual owner flown helicopter, to the commercial helicopter operator that operates several helicopters. At AvQuest Insurance Service we work with our clients to understand how they will use the helicopters in their operation. We then market this information to find the insurance company that will provide our client with the most comprehensive insurance coverages, at the best value.

Aircraft Hull and Liability Insurance is the primary aviation insurance coverage used to insure any aircraft including helicopters. If you are a personal helicopter operator, or a commercial helicopter operator that only carries passengers, this may be the only coverage you need.

AvQuest Insurance Service is appointed by, and represents all of the major aircraft insurance companies. As an aviation only, insurance broker, we will vigorously market your account to obtain the broadest aircraft insurance coverages at the best value for you.