When a person or entity accepts the property of another, there may be an assumption of liability for damage to that property. This would be triggered if the damage occurs due to their negligence and while the property is in the care, custody, and control of that person or entity.  This would be true whether the property was inside or outside of a hangar or building. The exposure to loss will be directly affected by the degree to which the FBO takes control of the property. For example, if the FBO is providing full service to his hangar customers, they will probably be involved in towing the aircraft into and out of the hangar, and/or fueling the aircraft. This will most likely constitute a legal responsibility for these aircraft. As such, if an accident occurs, it may well be considered a ground hangarkeepers claim. If, on the other hand an FBO never takes physical control of the aircraft and simply provides adequate space to park an aircraft on the ramp, the exposure should be relatively limited. To protect the FBO a ground hangarkeepers legal liability insurance policy should be part of the comprehensive insurance plan.

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