g-bhuj Cessna 172 prepares to depart Rayne Airfield, near Braintree, Essex, England

General aviation is a term which is most used to describe light aircraft, private aircraft, or aircraft not used in the airline segment of aviation.

When thinking about general aviation aircraft, normally single engine piston airplanes flown by private pilots comes to mind. While this group comprises the largest amount of owner flown airplanes, there is so much more to general aviation.

Exclusive to general aviation would be flight schools, single engine piston airplanes, twin engine piston airplanes, single engine turbine airplanes, twin engine turbine airplanes and most helicopters. There are many other types of aircraft that would also fall under this description.

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When an aircraft is considered general aviation it does not mean that this aircraft is restricted from commercial operations. A major segment of aircraft that operate under FAA regulation 14 CFR part 135 are general aviation aircraft.

When insuring general aviation aircraft, many factors are used in evaluating the insurance rates. The cost of the aircraft, the complexity of the aircraft, how will the aircraft be used, and the experience of the pilot are major considerations.

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