Flight schools are a valuable part of general aviation. In many cases, flight schools provide aspiring pilots with their first introduction to flying. These schools provide varying levels of services from introductory flights to advanced certifications.

Flight school operations assume a greater extent of liability for various reasons. Flight schools not only provide instruction and training to pilots, they also can offer aircraft rentals and maintenance.

Flight schools must maintain their fleet of aircraft in good condition, this includes repairs and periodic upkeep. Some schools also offer maintenance and repair work for outside customers.

Each type of operation the flight school provides may require different forms of insurance. AvQuest has been providing flight schools nationwide with comprehensive aviation insurance since 1993.

If you operate a flight school one of our licensed aviation insurance professionals would be happy  review your risk exposure, and tailor an insurance package to provide the most comprehensive insurance coverage.

If your flight school rents airplanes, or helicopters you should require the renters to provide a non-owned aircraft policy. In the event of an accident this policy could protect against potential loss to the school.

AvQuest Insurance Service represents several companies that offer Personal Non Owned Aircraft Insurance. One of our experienced representatives would be happy to assist your students, or renters in providing a quote.

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