Fuel Trucks and Loaders

Many companies provide a fuel truck to support the aircraft while working away from an airport. This creates a new risk for the operator, should there be an accident that causes a fuel spill.

Most auto insurance companies will not insure a fuel truck because of the potential liability . To obtain auto insurance coverage  a specialty insurance company must be utilized.

AvQuest Insurance Service represents several specialty insurance companies that will insure fuel trucks to cover both the truck and the equipment attached (tank, pump, hose and reels).

Most states require companies carrying hazardous materials over the road to carry a liability limit greater than a standard auto policy. Specialty insurance companies that insure fuel trucks can provide these higher limits. The states also require the company to provide a proof of liability insurance certificate.

Broad Form Pollution Liability Insurance

Helicopter loading on top of truck for crop dusting.

Does your current commercial auto policy extend to cover pollution exposures?  Even minor spills can be very costly to cleanup.Spills of the fuel being carried can create a major liability for the operator. Some insurance carriers will cover minor spills by an endorsement to the policy. If the spill is excessive, it is very likely not going to be covered under the auto policy.

To cover the risk caused by spills from the fuel being carried a broad form pollution liability insurance policy should be purchased. Broad form pollution liability insurance will cover the cost for damages caused by the spillage of the fuel, to include the clean up. Hazard material clean ups can be very costly.


Ag Operators often overlook the high cost of replacing a loader if there was a loss. Many auto policies only cover the truck, and not the added loader equipment. Let us show you how we can properly insure your vehicle while saving you money on your auto coverage.

AvQuest Insurance Service is appointed by, and represents all of the major aircraft insurance companies. As an aviation only, insurance broker, we will vigorously market your account to obtain the broadest aircraft insurance coverages at the best value for you.

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