Agriculture application aircraft are called by many different names, Ag Planes, Crop Dusters, Aerial Applicator, and Aerial Sprayers. No matter how this group is addressed it all refers to the distribution of agriculture products by air.

Today’s aerial applicators are a very sophisticated group. While they may go to work wearing Levi’s and plaid shirts, they are a very professional part of aviation. They fly turbine powered airplanes that reach gross take off weights of up to 16,000 pounds, and often operate from dirt strips next to the fields they are working.

Today’s aerial applicator faces new obstacles as city populations continue to grow and encroach closer to farm land. Additionally the environmental movement into organic farming is creating no spray zones near traditional farm land. To deal with these new obstacles many aerial applicators are adding helicopters to their fleet of aircraft. While piston powered helicopters have been used in aerial application for over 50 years, most operators have upgraded to turbine powered helicopters. The Bell 206 and OH-58 are popular for the light category Ag Helicopter, with the Bell UH-1 used for larger Aerial applications.

Regardless of whether you are flying a Thrush, Ag Cat, Air Tractor airplane, or a helicopter the risk and challenges remain the same. This is why as an experienced aircraft insurance broker AvQuest Insurance Service is so important. We deal with aerial applicators on a daily basis, so we know how to structure your insurance coverages to provide the client with the greatest protection.

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