Aircraft Hull and Liability insurance is basic coverage for the operation of any aircraft, aerial applicators have additional risk associated with the agricultural products being dispersed. To provide the greatest protection to our aerial applicator clients we recommend that the following additional insurance coverages be purchased as part of a comprehensive aviation insurance plan. These additional coverages are; Comprehensive Chemical Coverage, Crop Treated Liability, Farmer/ Owner/ Grower Liability, Adjacent Fields Liability, Chemical Drift Liability.

Comprehensive Chemical Liability

Means seeds, fertilizers, or any chemical except Picloram; or any defoliant or desiccant applied in dust form; or any inorganic arsenical compound, except arsenic acid used in liquid spray form as a cotton desiccant or defoliant.

Crop Treated Liability

Affords liability coverage to the aerial applicator should he be held liable for damages to the target crop that is intentionally sprayed by the aerial applicator.

Farmer/ Owner/ Grower Liability

Furnishes liability protection to the person whose field is being sprayed. In the event a claim is filed against the Farmer, Owner, or Grower of the field sprayed for damages resulting from the aerial application of chemicals to his field, this provision extends the aerial applicator policy liability to include Farmer/Owner/Grower as an additional insured.

Adjacent Fields Liability

Provides liability protection to the aerial applicator for damages to the field contiguous to the field being sprayed that are owned, or in the care, custody, or control of the same Owner/Grower as the field being sprayed.

Chemical Drift Liability

Provides coverage should the chemical being sprayed cause damage to persons or property other than persons on the field being sprayed or belonging to, or in the care, custody or control of the Insured or the Farmer, Owner, or Grower of the field being sprayed.

Regardless of whether you are flying a Thrush, Ag Cat, Air Tractor airplane, or a helicopter the risk and challenges remain the same. This is why as an experienced aircraft insurance broker AvQuest Insurance Service is so important. We deal with aerial applicators on a daily basis, so we know how to structure your insurance coverages to provide the client with the greatest protection.

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