Our Mission

AvQuest Insurance Service is committed to providing our clients with the most comprehensive insurance coverage, for the best value, while providing the most responsive customer service.

Company Background

AvQuest Insurance Service a division of Shaw Aviation Insurance Service, Inc was started in 1993 by purchasing the assets of an aviation brokerage that was started in 1956. The experience that we have gained in providing aviation insurance for decades, assures our clients that we have the knowledge and understanding to properly insure their risk.

What will AvQuest do for me?

  • Assess the risk exposures that are evident and try to anticipate those that could occur.
  • Evaluate the coverage required and the insurance markets who can offer the best mixture of policy form and price
    that the applicant desires.
  • Assist in the implementation of the insurance program that makes the most sense for the applicant.
  • Help to monitor and adjust coverage as the client conveys their changing needs or requirements.
  • In the event of a claim AvQuest will monitor the ongoing communications between the client and the insurance
    carrier to be sure it is resolved in a timely manner.

How can we best work together?

AvQuest Insurance Service is like a key employee in your business. We work for you as an insurance professional. Together we will assess your insurance requirements and work to implement the insurance plan that best fits your needs.

By giving us a job to do and the authority to complete it to your satisfaction, this will help ensure the trust and loyalty between our company and yours. This commitment is the cornerstone of the business relationship between
AvQuest Insurance Service and our clients.