Corporate and Business Aircraft

Hull & Liability

Hull Insurance covers the aircraft, including the engine, propeller, and all other systems and equipment permanently attached to the aircraft (though it may be removable for maintenance), including avionics. Hull insurance is usually issued with a deductible. There are many ways’ hull insurance can be written:  coverage on the ground with no taxi / run up coverage; coverage on the ground to include taxi / run up coverage; or full flight.

Aircraft Liability coverage protects the insured from claims for property damage and bodily injury or death by members of the public and passengers if included under the terms of the insurance. This kind of insurance is written with limits per injured person, and another limit per occurrence. Other policies may be issued with a combined single limit.

Airport Liability and Premises Liability

Airport and Premises liability is commonly referred to as slip, trip and fall insurance. It provides you protection if a customer or a guest on your premises gets hurt.

Most airports carry airport liability to protect themselves. If your company operations are located on airport property it is likely that the airport authority will require youto also carry premises liability. It is common that the airport authority will also request that they be named as additional insured under your policy.
If your company provides services such as an FBO, aircraft repairs, or fuel sales your premises and operation insurance policy will normally provide coverage.

Under CGL policy forms coverage can be provided for premises liability, products and completed operations, personal injury liability, advertising liability, host liquor liability and if you operate an FBO or a facility that provides services, Hangarkeepers coverage can be included.